Available: scottish borders stalking


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I have available for 4 stalkers am/ pm hunts on the 7-8-28 of sep.Hunts will be from high seats only . No trophy fees £45 per outing. Limited estate rifles available. cheers tam
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Jimbo 30 06

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Hi Tam hope your ok wish i was free as your ground is the D's B's anyone on here wanting good stalking Tam is yer man. I have stalked with him and Big Al and always got deer and seen more than i shot.



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Do you have any spaces left to fill there are 2 of us.
Am I correct in reading the dates as 7th 8th and 28th?



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So good to see someone else is putting stalking on at a very reasonable price and with zero trophy fees. If I could have got away for those dates I would certainly have taken this up. I am sure you will have no problem filling these.



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hi tam

myself and my mate are interested

can you tell me exactly where the ground or area is and which dates are still available as of today mate


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Amanda16 do you have any more availability later ?
Where are you based?
I am new to stalking but would appreciate the experience at a reasonable price - paid £300 so far and no deer !
​Thanks - Kes