Scottish game fair

Leica Amplus 6


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do you just request the vaccine cert as a pdf rather than a letter?
I got both, letter automatically & used the number on it to get codes, can’t remember exactly how I done it. But if I can do it anyone can, cosh am pish with technology 🥺🤣
Yesterday's update below from Scone event organisers:

We are delighted that the Vaccination Passport system will not be in force for our event. Scotland's mask policy will require masks to be worn when moving through marquees with one open side but not during meals or receptions. Finally, expect a bumper show with ticket sales already 85% ahead of the last event."
Only 4 day to go....

We look forward to catching up with forum members and regular customers.

It's often stated that there's no deals to be had at Game Fairs any more, however we will have keen prices on brands such as Lowa, Rovince, Shooterking, Mora, Viper-Flex and other brands.

Hope the weather holds out! 😬


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We normally do Scone. Not for the "bargains" as these days are gone, but always a good day our with like minded people. Sadley we wont be going this year as soem family members are still very wary of busy spaces. How the Fair goes well and you all enjoy.
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