Scottish Red Deer

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Just thought you might like to see some of the things Scotland has to offer. Taken during our holiday this August.




Kinlochewe, the road leading down to our holiday cottage.


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Hi Robin
How are things, are you managing to catch up with the fallow!,
How was the hols did you mange to get the salmon and deer you were hoping for,
Great Photos where is the glen looks fab.
Still recalling the CLA we had a great time there and the evening at Malcolms. :lol: :lol:

Take care and look after yourself



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I see you got the hang of posting photographs' then, behind every great man there is a good woman ;)

Nice photo's



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Good stuff, get that stag in the comnpetition!

Looks like they've improved the road down to Kinlochewe!

Did you manage to get out to the Viking burial ground on one of the islands in Loch Maree?


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robin you ole beggar :lol:
cracking pics mate
really like the one of the calf , not many people ever take pics of them
cheers mate


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hi Frax,
There were three more nearly as good as him in the same area,trouble is they would cost a fair bit :cry: .When I win the lottery we will all get a chance at some good animals :D :D
As you say the road down to Kinlockewe is really smooth and fast you just have to remember to go a lot slower as dusk approaches otherwise the dozens of reds will slow you up permanently.
Didn't know anything about the burial ground on one of the islands will have a look see next time.


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Yep, it can be a bit hairy round there at night. I know a guy who had his Lotus 7 taken apart by a beastie not far from there.

You're not supposed to visit the island but it's worth a go. Canoe is the best way as you're a bit less obvious. Coins from many years have been pressed into the trees, it's quite a sight.