Scottish stag stalking photos

I've been a little unwell this year and so, unfortunately, there will be no day at red stags for me as I'm simply not fit enough. I'm still too shaky to hold my binos steady never mind to walk the hills and moors of the Hebrides.

None the less I know there will be lots of people heading for the Scottish hills over the next while and so thought to post some photos of Lewis stag stalking. I may have posted these before in a rather less highly processed format.

As some may know I've recently been playing with processing my photos to give something of an OTT effect. It really catches the changing light and shadow on the sea and hill very well in my view but it might be a bit too much for the taste of some. However, I've had fun doing it. There is nothing "false" as such about the photos, only that I'm adding several differing exposures together to increase the dynamic range to try and give the impression you might get if you were to be sitting there rather than the somewhat distorted image you get through the camera lens. Some people love them, but I'd guess just as many will hate them.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy seeing them and good luck to all those folks heading for the hills be it on Lewis, Harris or across the rest of Scotland.



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All the very best for a speedy recovery; I'm heading to Mull in a month's time...really looking forward to it, but my camera skills won't match yours!


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I love them, and I saw the original pictures some time ago and loved them also. What a landscape! I am a big fan of the digital wizardry stuff, but equally love a photo in its plain form, as you say its either love or hate...