Scottish Venison prices


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Hi, Has anyone put a hind into Scottish venison gamedealers this week and could you tell me what they are paying at the minute please? I have a bill to settle for two carcasses and I dont know what to pay.

Many thanks



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Locally here in the Lake District a dealer from Lancashire is collecting and paying £1.20 per pound for Reds.


Chris J

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£1.20 per pound? We only get £1/lb for roe and 50p/lb for red. It's not worth dragging them off the hill half the time. £1.20 would be fantastic! It might even cover my diesel. That's Scotland by the way and the price hasn't changed in the last 10 years at least



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have been getting £2.50 a kilo for stags at Penrith not dropped any hinds in yet but exspect it to be the same


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I dropped off several hinds on Sunday at Black Face Game on Sunday the 2nd December, Ben is paying £2.35 a kilo....
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I have just done a deal to provide a min of 75 roe or 50 red/fallow at £4.00 a kilo to be supplied over 12 months!
This is too a farm shop, it seems more and more butchers are being asked for quality venison by their customers, and are looking to go direct rather than through the game dealers.
Might be worth doing a bit of leg work and find some new outlets.


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i have a game dealer in cumbria who will pay 1.20 a pound right across the board and is always crying out for venison