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For Sale: Scout Rifle 243 for sale


Well-Known Member
Styer Scout in 243, fluted/full set of butt spacers/built-in bi-pod/fab safety system/spare mag in stock etc https://www.huntinggearguy.com/rifle-reviews/steyr-scout-review/
Vortex scout crossfire II 2-7x32 scope on a forward mount rail (this had a mark on it when delivered, I polished it out but haven't coloured it in) https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/vortex-crossfire-ii-2-7x32-scout-scope/
Leather Ching Sling
Additional side open sights, AUKMONT
Over barrel scout moderator, (sorry can't remember)
I have a spare stock also which I was going to play with but never got around to it

S1.jpg S2.jpg S3.jpg S4.jpg S5.jpg S6.jpg


I set this rifle up for when I was tracking a lot, but the stalkers in my area have improved so I'm not called out as much as I used to be :), it's a good accurate all weather set up for any purpose


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Inbox got busy at the start with this little rifle but all petered off? it's here on a first come first served basis and the deposit secures, I don't want to get into a PM war so if you want it could you mark that detail on this thread
and yes Woolstone is in Oxfordshire, not Wiltshire? for some reason, I have been asked that twice