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Would you like a no reply " scrapbook?"

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Hi, just to say that this is only an idea. Following on from the "call" for an articles area, which is great, but already the replies are coming ( which are nice, but the whole website can take these.)

What I would suggest is that this an area where it is not possible to reply to. " A sort of sight scrap book" where anything can be put in, and left undiscussed, no chance of trolls attacking, a true members sanctury, where people can come, look, read, without having to read through, or feel obliged to post a "thankyou."

Not having the risk of" bad replies" may also get people posting. There are plenty of other areas on the site that can have discusion. Just an idea!!

Please read and think and post replies.


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Great idea Duncs I'm all for it! This is what makes this site the best on the internet.......its membership. ;)

Duncs it may be an idea to re-edit this post as a vote to get a general idea of peoples thoughts. I cannot remember having seen a scrap book on any other sites before. It really is a great idea. :D


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a bit like a trophy room and story book in one , or just random but not offensive pics and remarks
may of hit on something here duncs, sounds good to me mate you get my vote
the stalking directory scrap book
can i hav the publishing rights :lol:


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Duncs first class idea, somewhere bulletproof, that will cut the Troll crap. gets my vote.

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