SD clay shoot

well here were are
a little late so please except my apologies for it
a few pics of the first ever SD clay shoot
as it rained on the day no one realy was brave enough to get thier camera out so for those who did god bless you
these are a few from what ellie took ,
thanks ellie
these were from the high tower although i was the best dressed,

buckup did win the best hat contest not sure of the prize maybe a week with johny hehehe
alled did do well on this one i think he managed to hit 2 with out stamping his feet

cwd222 tried to show off , first from the left

then from the right

a bit more coaching needed (i did offer)
but dad was on hand to help

well done muddy for doing a straight
now for the important bit
our first SD champions
well done wadas
overall champion clay shot

as closer look at the prize

and also ladies champion
mrs buckup

then for the booby prize winner

can't believe you drank it aswell

this was wadas winners speech not sure of the book he quoted from

but atleast there was some one there to help him with the difficult words

so fair well from us all

as for the rest thats now history but you will will find some of them in the SD scrapbook


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Stone you forgot to mention that the 'Booby prize' was to drink a double shot of Japanese lizard wine with the lizard still in the bottle. Who will be drinking it next year I wonder? Not me I'm in training. ;)


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Well done Stone, many thanks for putting it on the site.

However I would like to say that the picture of me and Mr B is a bit misleading :eek: I was not trying to cuddle him (although I admit it looks that way, Personally I was never confused!!) but mearly standing on a chair to present his prize, as he is such a big bugger :eek:

Well done everyone, good weekend, and heres to next year.


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Thanks for puttin them up stone, :confused: ( he say`s, gritting his teeth).

If you must know, i was reading Andy a bedtime story :lol: , i think it was budgie the helicopter or something like that, he sempt to like it. :lol:

Look at that young chap flexing his muscles behind me :lol:

I have to admit you two do look cosy together, Malcom and Beowulf ;) and poor muddy looks lost :eek:

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