SD deer dog training day

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for those that expressed a wish to join in on the first SD deer dog training day
the date is SATURDAY 13th SEPTEMBER 2008
the venue shall be in in warwickshire a couple of miles from warwick
provisional itineray for the day will be 9:30 am start
with a subject talk on how to choose a dog for deer stalking
then followed with basic training
how to set a blood trail for training
how to identify shot placement
and much more
the day is designed around from trying to help you choosing the right dog for your needs to and assist you in helping you to train your chosen deer dog to locate your desired quarry , from start to finish
on the day there will be
Muddy , MarkH and Jagare on hand to answer and assist in any questions you may wish to ask aswell as myself
anyone wishing to attend can either pm me or reply to this posting as numbers are limited
many thanks
every one that wishes to attend will need to supply an a postal address, so a map along with directions can be sent to them nearer the date


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dog day

i am pleased mark h is coming along as by his posts we will all learn a great deal and our very knowledgeable Swedish friend this should be a brilliant day for every body concerned and no we wont laugh at your mut if it works then thats all that matters . You will be able to recognize me the best looking dog there crappiest looking owner . i would like to take this occasion to thank stone for making this possible and organizing it for us even though i will be assisting him this has got to be a first for members on this site and it shows the keen interest in deer management and the ability of members to help others in this sport and the wealth of knowledge being shared between us all . Even if you havent got a dog please come along we would like to meet you and look at it this way if the BASC was doing this it would be a fortune to attend . what a month dog day, western park , march and shoot start of the rut i cant wait . Once again THANKYOU STONE FOR ALL YOUR WORK ON THIS ONE as Mr B says this is the best site there is and its the members that make it that way long may it stay that way.


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Hi Guys

The only thing I can guarantee on the day is that Lola and Pippin will probably find where everyone has stashed their bacon butties and totally ignore any blood trails we set down. :lol: :lol:




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dog day

I was asked by a well known dog trainer if i would give demonstrations at country fairs on dogs for deer i declined . I was also worried the first little kid with an ice cream or beef burger would get mugged and the dog would ignore me completely . One day last year a gun wounded a cock pheasant it disappeared down a ditch i sent the dog he disappeared i blew the whistle nothing so this smart arse took his phone out of his pocket and said you better get him one of these hes that far away about 5 mins later he came back with the bird every body said its not the dog want a phone its you want some glasses he did not find it funny . Some days i wonder if there is anything between his nose and his bollocks as these are his only assets he just doesn't want to know , but he probably thinks the same about me . No comment on this one please as my other half will probably confirm this about me never listens to what i tell you she says ,does any body listen to there other half when they have lived with them for 40 years and heard it all before no offense to our lady members i not that stupid to pick an argument with your good selves god bless you all ,where would we be with out you girls

Little Terry

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Re: dog day

Muddy said:
......and no we wont laugh at your mut if it works then thats all that matters.

I'm not sure he will, that's what I'm worried about. :( Never given him any sort of training really, just take him with me a fair bit. Sometimes he seems to find them and other days he aint interested in the least. Perhaps he's just lucky and stumbles across the odd one!?!

That's why I'd like to come alonge really, to see how I can encourage him and make him a bit more positive.

It's a Border Terrier by the Denzil:

(He's the one without the hat)


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Little Terry said:
I'm very interested (as long as nobody laughs at my mutt). What is the cost please?

hi terry
you and denzil, are most welcome to come along on the day
THERE IS NO CHARGE for the day , but at the moment i am trying to arrange for the local pub to put a buffet on at a reasonable cost per head , price for that will be posted at a later day
at this point may i point out , this is NOT a stalking directory organised event , but a day put forward by myself,off my own back, which the SD site has graciously let me advertise on here,
all that attend will do so at their own responsibility
it is open to sites members , with advice and guidance on the day generously been offered by other experienced site members
this is a chance for some site members to get together as a group to watch , learn and participate in methods of training a dog for deer, wether you hav just aquired a new pup or started training or even just in the thinking about getting a dog for deer stage , this day surely has to be better than just reading a book on it


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stone would be very interested to come along with my teckel sounds a good idea about the buffet as well good chance to meet everyone and have a chat


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Sounds like it will be a good day. I am not sure if I'll be onshore at the time but if I am i would like to come down with my wire haired viszla.


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Hi Outlaw,

It would be very much on the cards I think. So far we have had events in Kent and three organised for the English Midlands area. What would be required is somewhere to host an event and a strong and dedicated group pf members to organise it. I don't see this as a problem and hope that in time North of the Border members will do this. Maybe you and a few other members can work towards this?

Regards Steve.F

Ye old stalker

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dog training day

Hi, Stone I would love to come on your dog training day I think its a brilliant idea good on you , I love training working dogs and would like to bring my young GSP shes 9 months at the moment, I will PM you my address thanks Ye old stalker :D


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Re: dog training day

Ye old stalker said:
Hi, Stone I would love to come on your dog training day I think its a brilliant idea good on you , I love training working dogs and would like to bring my young GSP shes 9 months at the moment, I will PM you my address thanks Ye old stalker :D

pm recieved
will be intouch soon with map and details
many thanks


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rarms said:
I'm in please :)
sorry mate , yes i hav booked you in and shortly will pm each and everyone for some details to post some literature to you regarding directions and times
welcome aboard
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