SD not suitable for under 18's according to Orange

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A couple of times recently when using my smart phone to log into the SD I've had a message telling me that Orange had blocked the site as the content might be unsuitable for me! As it contains material that has been classified as possibly being unsuitable for under 18's. I'm 44!
Anyone else had this....


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Easily solved, get the parental lock taken off by orange, simple phone call to customer service should sort it. Sometimes they request a £1 payment by CC which they refund to confirm over 18. I couldn't access some sites when I first moved to vodafone, sites like milfcam and


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....I had to get a friendly IT colleague to alow me to access SD at work; I think it was filtered out under the heading of 'weapons' or similar.

There were 2 interesting discussions.....(a) "So let me get this straight, you want to use work facilities to access a website dedicated to STALKING...???", and then (b) "Ok, I unlocked the site you asked me to, had a look at it, and the first post I saw was by some guy called Monkey Spanker....."

Good job I know my IT colleague well!!


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I have to use hotmail on my phone to access it, as yahoo wont. I know we cant access it via libarys as i have tryed.


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I'm on Orange and to date never had had a problem with the IPhone or any other phone I hav had Internet access on, wether accessing this site or any other shooting/stalking/hunting site
Hope you get something sorted soon