Available: SD Offer: 11Jan14 First Aid Course, Nr Lincoln, Ticket to satisfy FC

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Something that has been drawing my attention a lot recently, is the FC wrapping everything in red tape.

First Aid courses can be expensive, and sometimes, people are daunted by being qualified as they feel that they are somehow legally bound to help as soon as they are qualified.

Not to worry.

What I propose to do is to run courses at a MASSIVELY reduced rate. This has only been enabled through friends on mates rates allowing use of venues etc.

So… £35 a head, including; Emergency First Aid Training(EFAW) and Examination
EFAW manual
EFAW Certification
Light Lunch (which we will ALL need after xmas)

Its a 1 day course, with a mandatory 6 hours of teaching/assessing with classes of 4 - 8 people.

It will be ran in Bardney, just outside Lincoln.

Due to career commitments, the next course will be 11 Jan 14, and then the next after that (should the uptake be good) will be April time.

So, express interest through commenting below or PM.

You will notice that it this is much cheaper than I usually run the course if you browse... Welcome to Emergency Safety Training


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Should any of us ever be faced with a situation to use it to save your mate, a family member or a complete strangers life, AND YOUR OWN then it’s surely worth it guys it could prove the difference between life and death, and if you’ve tried, I’m sure it’s worth it regardless of the outcome.
A pleasure to be in all of your company and a thank you,nice guy joe,and a very relevant course to sit and take on board



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I'd like to echo gelert's comments.

Having attended the same course last year, three months ago I found myself in a remote spot by a river with one of our party who had broken her ankle. Although there wasn't a great deal of practical help I could offer with regards to the ankle, the training I'd received was invaluable. I knew the information the emergency operator would need, and dealing with things in a confident manner helped both the patient and me. It's not all about tourniquets and gunshot wounds, and simply having the basic training to know how to deal with an "unglamorous" situation is priceless.



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I also attended Joe`s EFAW course last year so can attest to the excellent level of knowledge / training that is covered on his training courses. Knowing the background that Joe has in trauma / first responder specialist treatment, anybody attending one of his courses will be gaining both valuable and useful skills, should you ever find yourself in a situation that requires First Aid to be conducted.

Don`t be one of the people who thinks it will never happen to you.... a little knowledge can go a long way, and having been in a bad situation before attending Joe`s course, and being useless.... I would now be confident in doing much better to manage a similar incident, having covered some basics with an expert trainer.

All the best.



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Just to answer a few Q's for all...

People have found this course useful as I don't like to teach you to pass the exam. We all need these skills, so I like to make sure everyone is confident in what they are doing before they leave.

The qualification is nationally recognised by employers, not just the FC.

There are plans getting underway for courses around the country, probably from March onwards.

Hope this helps

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