Wanted: Sea fishing


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Just wondering if anyone had any sea fishing trips in Scotland. I am willing to travel a wee bit. It would be for 3 folk.
Anyone have any any good contracts.


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Hi Alan,
where bouts you thinking?

if going to be north east then out of anstruther you have Steve harrow of shadow marine, they do dive & fishing charters & a belter of a boat catamaran & I know the guy from my diving days nice guy


then you have a good few charter boats out of arbroath

Sea Angling With Inchcape Marine Services Arbroath

Heather Isle Charters, Fishing & Sea Angling Trips: Arbroath


Altair Ally Piggot Arbroath 01382 774373

Girl Katherine Alex Smith Arbroath 01241 874510

Mari Dawn Jim S****ie Arbroath 01241 873957

Horizon Jim Smith 07836 216377

MV Heather Isle Arbroath Angling
07543 005908 or 01241 875453

hope this helps, been very inconsistent this year , good days then crap days .... Mackerel finally here so you should be fine for them at least !!



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Hi Alan. I know its probs too late...but just seen yer post...Give Ian Burret a call, his charter boats are perfectly suited for three anglers tho they take four. I'm fishing for Tope with him this weekend...IMHO a bit more exciting than going for cod..tho, I do fish for them too....:)


His boats fish Luce bay, and what he doesnt know isnt worth knowing...:) If you do call him, tell him Norrie sent you...He's a great guy, and a fantastic skipper.

Have fun mate..:)