Sean Lock


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He was great, I got to see him in Shrewsbury for a pre tour taster show.

I was watching some clips last night, his face on 8 out of 10 cats when they bring Chris Eubank out to meet Greg Davies, quality.


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I am not a great fan of the Comedians of today, but it is very sad to see one go at such a young age, Condolences to his family and friends, the one good thing about today is there is so much left on the Internet to see for time immemorial.

Mr. Gain

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A very funny man who made more of a contribution to the happiness of those around him in his all too short lifetime than most can dream of. R.I.P.


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I first saw Sean on the London comedy circuit in the late ‘80’s to watch him, Eddie Izzard, Bill Bailey, Mark Lamaar, Sean Hughes, etc in a small smoke filled room above a Hampton Wick pub was truly hilarious. Irreplaceable