Second Stalk

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And same result to the first one, just doe to watch. She was in fine fettle and I spent 15 mins watching here through the scope at 78m. Very happy browsing along a hedge row with rabbits bouncing around her feet. No fawn in sight.

One thing I did notice was she spent a lot of time licking between her hind legs, would this be due to ticks?

After 15 mins I retreated slowly, she had no idea I was there, and moved into another field a spied a fox through the bins at about 300m, he was working up the set aside strip rabbiting. I move forward and start to call with the wam and he came in like a train scattering bunnies in his wake but the long grass defeated me, at about 70m he stopped but I could just see the tips of his ears so no shot.

Wish I had worn a hat, been eaten alive by midges!!!



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Stalk Three

This stalking lark is both frustrating and exhilarating!

Went out for a mooch about after supper to see what was about, took the same route as last night to start with and again bumped into a roe doe straight away. She did not have a care in the world and walked off into the wheat as I edged around her.

Slowly worked around the field in the set aside margin and 20mins later I see another red/brown shape pushed into the hedge, glassed it and it was the rear quarter of another roe, no way of telling if it was a buck or doe. Range about 80m.

So I settled down to see if it would present a positive ID, position was good, slightly below me with earth bank as back stop.

After about 3 fact less than 5 minutes it backed out and look straight at me.....doe!!!!

I move away again and head to where I can glass 2 grass fields in front of the forestry commission block, nothing to be seen so head towards the bottom of the farm to see if a fox is about like last night. I slowly work my way around 3 fields and then turn towards home heading towards an old wooded goyle and bingo, a buck.

Trouble is he was a melanistic fallow buck, quite young as his antlers were little past the tops of his ears, but he was in fine condition, glorious coat on him.

I had my phone so tried to snap a picture of him, he is that dark smudge in the centre of the pic just to the right of the hedge. The goyle is behind him.


I watched him for a bit and he then spooked so I move forward and found is lay up spot:


So, no roe buck again but a lovely walk as always!
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