Secret Shooting Slush Fund

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Have You Got or Do You Have a Secret Shooting Slush Fund??

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Thats what the ammo compartment of the gun cabinet is for is it not?? I must admit mine has dwindeld to nothing recently I will need to get it restocked so I can have a remington 700 LTR and a Schmdt PM2 or similar. The good thing is as far as the wife is concerned all guns look the same not that she ever sees them any way!!



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I have to admit Im with devilishdave, anything I can get together is in the ammo safe.
Levels never seem to build like they used to mainly due to kids etc but thats life.



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I sell all the rabbits I shoot and that goes towards various sporting goodies throughout the year.Anything else goes in the safe.



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I count myself lucky, very lucky. My wife shoots, so she has an understanding of this terrible addiction we all have. All the time she can clay shoot, I can stalk, God's in his heaven :D

devon deer stalker

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I will hold my hand up to having one.
At the moment every spare pound is converted to dollars ready for my fly fishing trip to the states.
Luckily the game dealer i use has started paying me in cash,even better!
Or perhap he could pay me in dollars?
I have to agree with devilishdave, my wife doesn't ever know what guns i have,therefore the next saving will be for a .308 and i will sneek it into the gun cabinet.

old keeper

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slush fund

It seems to me that most of these slush funds are installed to prevent matrimonial conflict :rolleyes: I have had a couple(wives not slush funds) and never had a slush fund,could no slush fund equal no wives? I will never know!
I now have a slush fund, but no partner, the only problem is, I know where I hide the money :lol: :lol:


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The problem with 2 of us in the house that stalk is double the expence anyway, there are certain things we share but l do draw the line sometimes :D the cami thong is defiantly hers to ware :lol: l personally do not have a slush fund, not sure about the O/H, but she does have more and better stalking clothes than me :eek:


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You are a very lucky man!!
I'm also pretty fortunate in that I am allowed out to play on a regular basis but if I push it too far she lets me know!

All the best,


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I dont think she has a clue what I spend on shooting, well she didnt until a mate mentioned the £500 driven pheasant day we had just had :cry:

she thinks I get a lot of invites (which I do) and all my guns and rifles cost about £50 each, :lol:

I tend to do a bit of work on the side which converts to shooting money.


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Like BOBT said.
When I fall off my perch all my mates will be round because my wife thinks the same - all my guns only cost a couple of quid so they'll be after some bargains!!


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I have no slush fund, the wife knows what my shooting cost's and she encourages it, I am out most days with a gun " I've always wondered why the milkman comes around daily for his money " , I spend my money on things shooting , she spends hers on shoes , cloths etc; she a real towny ,doesn't like mud & stuff, but she enjoys any game / wildfowl or deer that i shoot , it works for us .


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Secret shooting slush fund.

Hi All, I have a slush fund but it is not secret. Beating money is saved and re-loading stuff, clothing and the occasional rifle, scope or shotgun have been bought over the years. If there is a shortfall it is put to committe and approval is usually given by Mrs. Techman. If it brings in food it's OK.


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My wife is quite understanding and when I do say i need a new piece of equipment she usually gives the same response, "you work hard for your money - so enjoy it". Admittedly, i do usually ask after topping up her wine glass with a bit more than usual.


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Oh the glory of being single with a girlfriend that lives ten miles away

Mind you in a previous life I certainly did have a slush fund. That system broke down however, when her indoors found two things

1 The slush fund

2.The girlfriend ten miles away

Hence why am now single and able to spend what I like on shooting(and the girlfriend)

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Nice one Poddle :lol: :lol: made me laugh.

I have no slush fund, If I can afford it I buy it, life is too short, and as I say you can never have enough gun :lol: Besides running a hunting business gets me out and as long as she looks after my dog and washes the quad off icant complain.

And no her indoors has not seen this, if she had I would need to hide all sharp implements in the immediate vicinity :rolleyes:
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