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I live in an area where there is little to no crime. I'm very lucky. I've just been to the post and accidentally left all my windows open for the time I was away.

However, on my way back I was listening to Radio 2 and there was an article about kids using sites such as Facebook. It occured to me that on here I have used my own name, given strong indications at times where I would be very easy in this very rural, very open community to find out exactly where my house is...just ask!

I've have given an indication of the types of firearm in my posession. I have been quite literally asking to be burgled. The thought of my guns or rifles being used in the perpetration of a crime is unthinkable. I think I'm not alone.

I enjoy this site and feel I made a mistake when I used my own name, albeit only the Christian name (but in this remote community it would be enough). So, what can I do. Firstly, I think I'd better rejoin and use a different name, so from now on I will rejoin as Nuin (it's Gaelic for ashtree) and make more effert to keep the house secure.

Is there anything else you guys think I should do?


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Drew, a lot of us are in the same position as you, it's a long shot that you would be targeted for a burglary, but there again it is possibility although in my opinion a remote one. Don't forget that living in a remote community can also be a plus, I live in a place much like you and what you have to remember that a stranger stands out like a sore thumb, especially one that is asking for you by name! However if you are after peace of mind go ahead and make the changes you want, one little tip I would give you though is don't tell everyone what your new name will be :eek: , it sort of defeats the purpose of your new anonymity :lol: :lol:

All the best with it



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Hmmm, still here using my old name as I messed up the application form!! What a eejit.

As you say John, not telling anyone would be a good start but I just hoped it would get lost eventually.

You say a stranger stands out but here we are fimly on the tourist trail so get a lot of visitors and also a lot of delivery vehicles for the 'industry' round here, so the ubiquitos white tranny doesn't really stand out. Brings to mind the old quote

"Just because you're not paranoid doens't mean they're not out to get you!"


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Scary thought - in the (unlikely) event that you were targeted for burglary, how possible is it that your FAC could be revoked for "revealing" or "advertising" the fact that you are a gun owner?

I may be paranoid - but that doesn't mean they're not out to get me!

I am now rethinking my personal policy on forum ID and location.



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You are right....I hadn't thought of that! :eek: :confused: From now on I want to be known as Spartacus!

I'm Spartacus, no I'm Spartacus and so is my wife! :lol: There you go I have completely covered my tracks, job done! ;)


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Well they know where I am and some of you know where I work :D Cant take my firearms, dont keep them at home, I have too many.

Who said they were Sparticus, I'm Sparticus :lol: :lol:


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There welcome to come & find me if they want. I can rip there legs off & whack em around the head with the soggy end :D

O and by the way Beowulf & sikamalc I think you'll find im Sparticus :D :D :D


Of course you are right drew. I cant understand why people dont use there own names and when you sit and think about it you become a little insecure that you do and others dont. During the course of my involvement I have said who I am and where I am and what I do and even given opinion on some imotive topics (handgun ownership, head neck shooting etc ) and have recently become concerned about the direction of some of the threads (and wonder if some antis are out there collecting information on people for some future campaign)to the extent that I have gone back and deleted the posts. So its sad but I agree with you and shall probably do the same.


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saftey has got to be our first and main concern .....but is some little theiving scrote burglar going to montor our site over many months to establish areas we live in what weapon we have travel to that area then come and burgle your house.

i am no saying its not going to happen or has happened but it would be far easier to buy an illegal weapon from the streets.

its bad enough in this country at the moment with imigration issues, actual crime and fear of crime,cost of living , and no apparent justice for thoes who break the law especialy resident offenders.

lets not let the scum now take away our names and have us in fear of coming on the forums....neil

PS directions to my house .take the A45north to the M4 west then follow signes to M5 SOUTHPORT follow this rd for 300mile to the channel tunnel head for DE LILL (toll rd far eaiser to use)


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" am no saying its not going to happen or has happened but it would be far easier to buy an illegal weapon from the streets."

this is right. Unless you have something very valuable in your collection or lots and lots of things then you are very unlikely to be burgled for your guns.

The security thing we all adhere to is pretty good. It is enough to stop the casual burglar who comes in your house to steal the tv or your laptop just picking up your rifle. If they want your firearms, and they are coming to get them..... they probably will. It is far easier to pop into the pub abd buy an eastern european pistol which is far better for crime than a stlking rifle.

steve Aka sparticus


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my worry has always been these tracking cookies and those that can access my computer from their bedroom from across the sea or these people who can use my wireless connection with out me knowing,
as i am knew to the computer world only owning one for just over 13 months ,
as when i first tried to join i messed it up and had to start a fresh with different name and password,hence the name stone ,after my 12 year old springer,
i think i am more concerned about the local prying eyes as from some one watching on here, trying to trace who i am and where i live ,
as most of my cash in the attic is in safe storage and my armoury is quite well guarded to me home safety is more paramount but you can never be to sure
my real name is sparticus


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I'm sorry Stone but you are not Spartacus! You are Mike TV from the children’s book 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'! The fact that you hang around bars frequented my men of a certain persuasion and wear tight leather clothing and chains, doesn't make you Spartacus. So in that case you all need to stop making such wild claims! :lol: :lol:
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