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How do people on this site gain permission for land to stalk ?
is it just a case of trawling around farms in your best clobber and getting lucky or am i missing something.
As i have said in my past post i stalk mainly in East Anglia but by the time you put your fee's and travell cost b&b etc it gets expensive,
Any suggestions would be greatfully received.


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try this

Hi fletcher,
Personnally i was lucky or unlucky depends on how you look at it, i have shot and fished for food with my father since i was little! He grew up with farmers. Great you might think but to get my own permissions was not so easy. It was always ok to go with him but when i was a teenager i wanted to take my friends but was not allowed to ,fair enough i suppose.
So years ago me and a friend literally used to drive around on a saturday morning until we found some pigeons or crows feeding and we would just go and ask if it was ok to shoot them if we could find out whose ground it was for every yes we had twenty NO s but if you were polite and respectful and did a good job of controlling the vermin. We were quite often allowed to go back and things went from their, now i am lucky and have some very good stalking. Thing is it took years to get and earn trust, some of those early farms i still shoot on now after nearly twenty years. Unless you are very lucky that could be one way into deer stalking. Good luck to you and stick with it.
Ps I have seen lots of people come and go and this is how you can get new perms as not everybody lives and breathes stalking!! keep trying

pps By the way i do not think i will be letting my son and his mates loose on the ground i now stalk. funny how what goes around comes around.


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I have been lucky also , I used to work in the village garage on sat and sun mornings serving petrol and then i started my apprenticeship there. I got to know all the local farmers, for which some 20years later I still call them MR ( just a respect thing that hasn't gone away). So when I got my shotgun cert they were helpfull and now that i stalk they are still very generous.
It's about a lot of ground work and dare I say it a bloody long time to get a permission.
SO I geuss you can understand why people are quite gaurded about there stalking permissions

All the best for your quest



Go up at the right times and you will hit on a smiley face . When i was looking for ground i would go up with the terriers Feb and march and offer to remove any foxes. I was welcomed with open arms and still am 30 years on.
ps you need to do what you say you will the farmers will suss out a messer. ;)


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Just out of interest, what has eveyone done to locate farms that they wish to approach? Do you rely on local knowledge and go to places that you already know? Do you just drive blindly around counrty roads, hoping to stumble across farm buildings? Do you get an OS map and look for potentail farm buildings on there? Any other approaches?

Also, what times/days have you found to be most successful (and also unsuccesful)- for example, I've always stayed away from Sundays as I don't want to 'disturb' the farmer or their family at a time or day that they might see as inappropriate; on the other hand some people might argue that this is a good time to catch them!



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Does anybody know if maps are being kept with land already covered or not? Although I am looking I would not want to be the person that is 'hitting' on farm after farm already covered by another stalker. Right way to get everybody upset, I would think.


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How did you get your stalking land in east Anglia ? I'd use the same approach that worked for you there.

But I doubt there is anywhere with a deer population that is not covered by someone. If you get stalking for yourself you are invariably pushing someone else out. Evey stalker has a tale of run ins with other people who want to stalk the same land.

But you can't make an omlette without breaking eggs.

Happening across a landowner who has a deer problem that nobody is doing anything about and that they are willing to give you permission to shoot for free is a rare thing. Some people such a set up but its on the back of other work they work they put in and long term relationships - understandably they guard it carefully.

As for cost - it's a 4 hour round trip for me, add in fuel, rifles, ammunition, clobber, food, time away from family and work, it always has a cost. I suppose if I wanted it on my doorstep I'd move to where I stalk but I'd rather have blockbuster, tescos, shopping malls, schools a minute away and cheaper petrol so here I stay.

I'd never be able to shoot and use enough venison to justify the costs/savings over just buying venison carcasses! I lose money everytime I pick up my rifle.
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