Seller beware.


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Had my wee GTD for sale and a rough knuckle dragger came to view and after 100 watsapp messages and demands we struck a deal... no bank account, said someone was looking after his cash. I started the sale process of cancelling my insurance, number plate retention and direct debit for the road tax and next finance payment. Got the settlement figure and paid that off. He was very demanding to the point of being a pest.... 12 hours before the hand over he phoned saying his cash had been stolen and the guy had done a moonlight.
Thing is he is back on and wanting to conclude the sale a week later. I have reinstated all the legals.
Should I sell to him and if so under what terms? Cash seems iffy.
Stressful or what!!

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No cash could be snide notes. If he’s serious get a non refundable deposit of 25% value by bank transfer . Then the balance 75% upon collection. Simple


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Without a deposit it's not sold. Why would you cancel anything?


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Strewth I thought Red Dot was back!

He would never had such a problem and would have got a couple of grand more than it's worth.... in his dreams.


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Anything on the internet smells funny it's easier just to walk away. No idea what the angle is here but it's definitely a scam. "Someone is looking after his cash"? BS.

Sorry to hear about your experience.