Selling a firearm via RFD


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Whats the procedure for selling a rifle to a 3rd party using a RFD to post, in particular, who is responsible for what regarding the FAC entries? I hope its simply a case of the RFD accepting the gun, taking a copy of my FAC, making an entry on my certificate, and at the other end, the reverse takes place with the RFD and new owner?


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1. Obtain purchaser's FAC
2. Check vacant slot
3.Fill in purchaser's FAC with details of rifle
4. Notify your FLD
5. Take rifle & purchaser's FAC to RFD
6. Give money to RFD to post both rifle & FAC to recipient's nominated RFD
7. Get receipt off your RFD.


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You are. It is the RFD at the other end who when the buyer presents his FAC that you have completed checks the weapon he has (sent from you to him) is the same as on the buyer's FAC and then hands it to him/her face to face.


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Just done this for new rifle. FAC to dealer,filled in and posted back to me. Rifle arrived 4 days later at local RFD, picked up on production of my FAC.
One thing to be aware of:- £30 to seller also £30 to local RFD. So be prepared to add £60 to price agreed with seller.


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