Sold: Selling my spare 4wd Quad Bike. Kawasaki KLF300 4x4. £1650


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Selling my Kawasaki KLF300 4x4 4WD Quad bike £1650
Petrol 8450km. Semi-automatic 5 gears + Reverse. Location: Axminster, Devon

Quad front R.jpg

New tyres, LED headlight upgrade, tow hitch, excellent running order, starts on the button every time, whatever the weather. As a backup, it has the reassurance of a pull-start, should you ever suffer starter problems while out in the field.

Quad L.jpg

Full time 4x4 with High/Low range - it’s gearing has proved ridiculously capable for a bike with a 300cc engine, easily handling our Devon hills with self, buddy and towing a loaded sled loaded with a couple Red Stags.
Have even used these bikes to manoeuvre a twin axle caravan, as well as getting a 1000kg Chipper down into a tight valley - and back out again!

Quad Rear.jpg

Lightly used for ten years spreading slug-pellets on sports grounds before being stored. I bought it as a back-up to my other quad, and for the past seven years it has not been needed. Dry storage and annual service gives us a quad that has proved totally reliable. Complete with a copy of the Kawasaki workshop manual, this quad has no complex electronics, and is easily maintained and serviced. Good overall condition, any damage to the plastics has been welded to give an effective repair.

Fits trailer 125 (w) x 190 (L) - local delivery possible at cost. Game box & rifle clamp pictured, is NOT included in the sale!

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Tel/Whatsapp 07798 771 062


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Great little bikes.I had one for work over 20 years ago.If you got it stuck you could lift it out the bog yourself.A bit different from the big heavy things that are sold now.