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Sold: Semi Custom 6.5x47L Winchester Model 70

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Semi Custom 6.5x47L, Built on my Winchester Model 70 Coyote Lite action (.243 Owned from New) - All work carried out by Neil McKillop. 22" Pacnor Super Match Barrel 1:8 Twist - Screw Cut to 5/8x18 UNF with Thread Cover and Reproofed - Mc Millan Varmint Stock - Pacific Tool Billet Bottom Metal - Tactical Bolt Knob - Rifle Basix Trigger. T8 Mod. Bolt has just had Firing Pin Bushed. Shot count around 350 odd rounds, is pretty much unmarked accept for some very light witness marking on the Barrel from the T8 Mod, includes Bases and Leupy 30mm High Mounts. This is a lovely and lightly used well looked after rifle a very accurate and a delightful Calibre to shoot.

£1000 - Usual FAC Rules Apply. Any inspection welcome. No offers thanks as cheap enough as it is.

May take a PX with a Mint Minelab CTX 3030, boxed with all the bits.

(NB - Rifle Stand, Bipod, Scope, Sling, Cheekpiece not included)


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paul o'

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A sad day feller but my day will come and the Thought of a new fishing boat is sounding good !! wish you well in your next adventure and this is a cracking rifle for silly price :tiphat:

another 6.5x47 owner


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Very sad day indeed, I wish you well in your new endevers

This is a steel people and the 6.5/47l is the rifle I was going for before I got the 6mmbr,



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6.5 - 13 3/4" Approx
.223 - 13 1/2" Approx

BTW - You PM'd me a 22.51 lastnight I had posted on this thread at 22.39 and went off, I checked in on my mobile today as I spent best part of it in Hostpital having a few tests after spending 2 days in Hostpital the week before last with Arythmia, I am no good at typing on the mobile so I did not bother trying, so do give people a chance.
I have sold a stack load on here to people in the past few months, most if not all will tell you about my prompt PM's and rapid postage, so please dont try and make it look as though I dont bother, because I do, always and as soon as I can.

Thank you!!!!!
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