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Sold: Semi Custom Tikka Bartlein 6mm Norma BR (6mm BR/6BR)

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Edinburgh Rifles

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Semi Custom 6mm BR (6BR)

  • Tikka 595 action - oversize bolt knob, Aluminium shroud
  • 26" Bartlein 5r 1:8" stainless, heavy varmint profile barrel cut 18x1 with invisible crown and thread protector.
  • Chamber cut with a .272" no turn neck, throated to accommodate 105gr AMax and Berger VLDs.
  • GRS Sporter Laminate in Blue/Black
  • Trigger tuned and polished
Work done by Alan Maughan Custom Rifles
Shot count 92.
Load data for 105s proven 0.1-0.15 MOA

£1150 (rifle/stock)
RFD to RFD included

Also available at additional cost (rifle must sell first)

  • 18x1 Muzzle mounted DPT moderator in black.
  • Sightron SIII 8-32x56 with 3" sunshade.
  • 30mm Blue Optilocks with upgraded high tensile bolts, with addition 40 MOA incline built in
  • Harris 6-9" swivel
  • Redding Competition Bushing Die
  • Redding Competition Micrometer Seating Die
  • Redding Body Die
  • K&M Neck Expander Die
  • 100x - 105gr Berger VLD Target
  • 180x - 105gr Hornady AMax
  • 200 Norma cases

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