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I am a semi-retired shooter of many years. i have lost all of my permissions over the last few years .for various reasons , change of ownership / change of use etc. . Before you ask i have been knocking on doors for ten years [feet ache] . I am now at the stage i would like to shoot with someone either regular or when ever need to help . i have a full kit bag , 22lr, 17hmr .222. 243 .223, 308, and shotguns . i am a member at two rifle clubs and shoot at both twice a month . i have night vision also . i would like to help anyone who needs or wants help . I really only want to shoot when needed . i have a 4x4 And coffee . I think i am good company and can be whatever you need
I live in the Essex area but can travel reasonable distance for shooting vermin and good company

Thanks Brian .
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