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Soooo, Oxford University is employing elected and paid “Sensitivity Readers” to ensure the “high incidences of insensitive, sexist or offensive material“ in their magazine is addressed. Clearly a very rare occurrence on SD but is this an opportunity for SD to follow suit? Class discuss……
Chin strap tightened, hunkered down, incoming!!!

paul o'

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Look stop blundering around you lot and just say it how it is ! . The world will be better off in the end and the Fecking snowflakes that are running the UK well they can then just bugger off back into there HR red tape snake pits , can't we have a party thats all about getting back on track that is anti BS ! i'd vote them in .. btw I identify as a white male who could not give a feck about what others feel or say if my voice should OFFEND there feelings ? just **** off and chat to the butterflies if you wish to get a zero response.
Ahhh I feel better now .


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Do you have to be able to read to be in the running?, although I do believe if you were good at running or spying, you could get into Oxford on that basis alone, never mind scouring through magazines to see if there is anything to moan about, when are they going to have the debate on whether Universities are actually worth having anymore, and if so can you do your masters in "talking shite", as this seems to be all these students are capable of nowadays.
They should also do a survey on how many of the lecturers read the Guardian, and how many have had a lobotomy, same thing really so they could amalgamate the numbers, to give an overall picture of the lack of common sense.
They should seriously think about their position as a University, and stop pandering to these minions who follow anything, anyway I am going to go for this job, and if I don't get it I will sue them for sexism, racial discrimination, and my bus fare to go for the interview, after all I identify as a "Sensitivity Reader" and therefore I am perfect for the job.


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Being a humanoid hater (Dragon's description) I would terminate every woke snowflake at Oxbridge and reinstate the uni's as the cream of colleges. Oh and whilst at it any other woke, snowflake, crossdresser and gender bender as well. Now report me.👿
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The shutting down of free speech by this group in society is akin to the oppressive actions of the governments of China and Myanmar; i.e. you can say what you like provided you agree with us.


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I would rather not speak than having to choose my words in the presence of sensitive people. Thankfully I don't have to hang out with that lot at all.