Settled in Suffolk

Hello All,

I've recently settled permanently in Suffolk, near Framlingham, after a couple of decades traipsing around in the Army. Been involved in fieldsports all my life so am farm and fieldcraft aware but quite new to stalking as a discipline. Thought I may as well learn more about it in an organized way so did DSC1 with BDS in Cirencester in 2010;which was a well run, enjoyable and interesting course. I'm enrolled for DSC2 but have got nowhere with it so far because I've been busy getting settled into a new job.

Currently have a Sako .308, thinking about "investing" in a .243. For me it is all about being out in the wild, ideally with a like minded shooting buddy to relive the ones that get away in the pub afterwards and putting some food on the table the old fashioned way

I'd like to hear from anyone who can offer advice or pointers for the Suffolk area. A shooting buddy - I also enjoy pigeon shooting, wildfowling and foxing - would be ideal.



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welcome aboard i did my level one in 2010 at bardwell with the B D S ,mainly shooting rabbits with.22 rimfire and foxing and deer with a .243 cheers keith