Shangri La...not!

John Gryphon

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I did a bit of GE walking and wanted to get into a small sub alpine meadow of 4-5 acres.It looked good as a likely spot for a sunning deer or two.I had tried to get into the spot a few weeks ago but was beaten by the steepness and the super thick hop bush and other schitt growing on the way.
Today I took a different route and finally got into a barren wasteland,rocky and steep and a small rockpool in the gully where deer had watered prev.Yes for sure they would sun themselves in there but overall the amount of sign was poor imo,anyway I had a look,the dogs had a gallop and I raised a sweat.

The opposite side. Mind you there are those that would, from that side, take a poke at a deer sunning on the photographers side,its only 1000 odd metres.


Moss and stone,even the cherry tree in the guts of it hadn't been rubbed,now that's unusual!


Bitch pup,dog pup in rear. Horrible terrain to sidle in too,fancy Nancy running shoes wont cut the mustard in here.
Its always good to look at a bit of new ground whether its fruitful or not imo.
I took serious note of the deer crossing points in the bottom of the steeply sided gully for future stalk/ambushing for a Pom or two that have shown a bit of interest.



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Hello John

Intersting photos and the hounds look good too!
I'm sure a 'Big Red' Honda quad could (and would) take the purgatory out of the getting there - leastways some of it............and help the carryout too!


John Gryphon

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The Honda would only get into there if you dropped it from a chopper mate!

The 4wd quad wouldn't get up into the open sections either,it is a lot steeper but the camera has flattened the hill.

Shanks or rappelling only!

Bring good boots!
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