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I had a litter of labs recently and I heavily worm the bitch pre birth of the pups after 4 wks I worm the pups and again prior to them leaving me for thier new homes after leaving me a week later 3 developed upset tummy's inc blood wow u may think but the vets said this was not unusual and do the usual bland diet pro kolin paste ect this really didn't seem to work this time!
I rang an old boy who is old school country type he said take em to a sheep field and let em eat poo :-|
well by this time I'd try anything !:rolleyes:
so against my better judgement I let pup try some not a lot but some .next morning I mowed the grass and she ate some clippings as well and low and behold she squeezed out the most amazing poo I'd seen I was overjoyed according to Mrs Norma .
question is in worming the bitch heavily did I then overworm the pups who clearly didn't have worms but you do feel u must worm and caused an upset tummy my vet couldn't help with .
any views from dog owners please
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More likely to be time and co-incidence. You'd be unlikely to create problems by worming (assuming a decent wormer). Puppy poo is very variable, especially with the stress of re-homing, as long as the pup is healthy, time sorts most of them.


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My dogs get walked in the fields at my house which have a lot of red stags coming to graze in them and every spring when the grass comes the dogs eat stag pooh and have done every year and about July time don't bother with it anymore. It must be something sweet in it which makes them do it as many other folk in the glen find their dogs do the same.


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Sheep poo , fox poo ...badger poo .

All my lab wants to do is roll in the stuff !

I'm sure she does it just to get rubbed down with towel after a hosing


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my pal had a pup from me which was the same as the one mentioned we did the same and hey presto same result within 12 yrs .enzyme's bacteria ect ??


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and then imagine a pointer that had managed to gorge itself on human excrement & selected a Persian rug to throw up on.....

norma 308

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what ever the reason it defo did the trick both pups much much better not a coincidence in my book at all .

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There may be a grain of truth to the old wives tale, i think I read once that herbivore poo like sheep contains large amounts of 'good' bacteria, just like the yoghurts that are all the rage. I also read that the bacteria found in said yoghurts was originally cultured from human poo! MMM nice!
Maybe the dogs know a good thing when they see it, it wouldn't surprise me, nature is often amazing.