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Can anyone help?. Does factory loaded ammunition have a shelf life, I assume not as there is nothing marked on the box?. Can the charge lose its potency over time?. I ask this as I have been offered a 100 rounds of 300 winmag (200g load, federal express, in the old style packaging), £15 for twenty. Seems like a bargain, but i do worry that it may be inconsistent and give me problems with accuracy etc. Am quite new to the sport, so any advice would be appreciated...
Thanks Paul


Well then, yes and no really

If ammo is stored in a very warm or very cold enviroment it can degrade this is due to the chemical structure of the powder breaking down i believe

Benchrest shooters believe some guns / rounds need making just before a match and others need time to mature - They tend to be a bit superstitious as well in my opinion. but i seriously doubt anyone could put in a decent score with any factory load

Basically though for the type of ammo you are mentioning i doubt you should notice any real changes as factory ammo varies batch to batch anyway. Provided it has been stored in the back room of a shop or the likes.

Anyone who intends to shoot more than say 100 rounds per year and is intent on shooting for a number of years should re-load. the reasons are not all about money! Basically you can manufacture your own rounds using the highest quality components for the same cost as the very cheapest factory stuff, however you get consistency and the load can be tailored to your gun and your needs also you remove yourself from the unreliable supply chain in our country


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Thanks kent. the ammo has been kept in a ammo locker(local gun shop) so i think it will be ok . I have 2 rifles .243 & 300 winmag. may be getting a third. where do i start if i wish to start home loading thanks
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