Shoot/stalking Jackets


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Just to take the jacket debate in a slightly different direction.....Any recommendations for a jacket suitable for stalking (i.e. quiet, waterproof) and for shotgun shooting?

This would be for a couple of driven days and a couple of walked up rough shoots. Possibly some wildfowling down here on the south coast. Deer stalking in woods mainly, or hides. I don't see a Highlands stalk happening any time soon.

The dog walking bit? He is in a box on the mantlepiece so doesnt get taken out for walks any more, although the misses is muttering about a Daschund (thinks....Tekel deer dog) so a pouch or game pocket to put him in whilst I head for the pub might be nice!


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Rivers West have produced a "game shooting" range which would double nicely as stalking gear. I am very impressed with my Rivers West gear and can think of nothing that would give you better value.



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Hi wilf
have a look at nomad I have 3 in diff styles and use them daily
not the cheapest but in my eyes one of the best
regards andy

Dan Newcombe

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I didnt like my Rivers West Smock

For what you describe i think that the Pro Hunter would take some beating but ive also got a barbour linhope lightweight that is a pretty good jacket


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I have and really like the deerhunter ram jacket does all you are asking and more, brilliant jacket
but to be honest I find I use the mil surplus stuff the most cheap as chips and works great :thumb:!!


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I have got nomad, harkilla etc but wanted something that breaths and is light and also you dont sweat a bucket full in so i looked at what i have and what is on the market and i bought a browning EXPO light which i have been using for the last year and i have finally found what i have been looking for .



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I had pretty much decided that a Seeland Jacket fitted the bill. Good fit, good price at around £150. Then I tried on the HarKila Pro Hunter. Well it couldn't hurt, because there was no way I could afford it. Could I? Damn.......bad move! I had to leave before my credit card died of fright. Not sure I can justify that much dosh, but it was a real step up in quality.