shooting bags while accuracy testing

Offroad Gary

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I'm thinking of getting a shooting bag to use while testing homeloads, will mostly be used under butt of rifle off bonnet of landrover, front end will have harris model sl (9-13") fitted. might use it prone occasionaly.

i've never used one before, any advice or reccomendations. perhaps a wedge shape bag?

cheers in advance.
I bought the Caldwell Dead Shot shooting bags. They come filled or unfilled. Mine were unfilled and I used dried peas to fill them. These worked great, right up until we moved house and I stored them in the garage. The mice found I just have the front rest left :(

I also have one of the Sharpshooter mini rifle rests from Center Mass Inc.

Mine is the old model - the new one has an angled base plate whereas mine is flat. I've attached it to The Pod - a bean-bag type camera support you can get from Jessops and others:

I can put this on the ground, on a wall, on a bench, on a folded up jacket, etc. and it makes a pretty good rifle rest.


Offroad Gary

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use the window bag last night whilst foxing, took one cub from the drivers seat with the bag on the mirror and another 3 off the bonnet using it under the butt. 4 perfect kills. 80m - 180m using 55gn silvertips. a worthwile investment.