Shooting big Bores

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Its a pity we dont have 'dangerous game' in this country. Looks like fun.



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Hey I would like a crack at that with my 375, 8) although targets are good fun, there is nothing like the real thing coming at you.

Keeps your heart pumping when you are charged by an Elephant I can tell you :eek:


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Hi Mark
It does look like good fun, I've always fancied setting something up like that. Think I would have to invest in some cheaper .375 bullet heads first :D



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I'm supposed to be doing the VAT return, not watching these...does look like a pretty cool way to spend an afternoon though!

paul k

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Look like fun, a bit more of a challenge that 10 Skeet birds. I'm really impressed with the speed of reloading although it might be a little less cool with a real elephant or lion bearing down on you.

This is the one that always makes me laugh.

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