shooting club by the Severn Bridge


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Does anyone know what rifle club is based just over the new Severn Bridge before you get to the toll booths. I saw a fair number shooting whilst in a traffic jam yesterday whilst driving to see our daughterand son-in-law in Cardiff.




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Severnside rifle range. They have their own club (I think) and there are lots of other clubs who have the range booked out on a regular basis. I think they also still shoot on a Wednesday where you can pay a tenner and just shoot. Range is up to 200 yards.


The Severnside Range is run by a chap called Richard Prior - top bloke. I shot there regularly and really enjoined it. I think the range use per day is £20. They shoot Wed and Sat from about 11:00 till 16:00ish. The range is a bit of a bugger to find - PM if you want directions.


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can you also on me the location as would be good to have a range close to home for zeroing when I'm in Bristol
all the best



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Hi ,, I have his land line would you happen to have a mobile for him? If so would you PM it to me as I can't get a reply on the other nr and I fancy a trip to the ranges on wed



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I was down there at the weekend with Worcester Norton Shooting Club. It did put a smile on my face when I crossed the motorway bridge and saw the traffic stacked up. If yu have no luck with a number, I will contact our club RO who makes our bookings for the details