Shooting for the table?


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If you were shooting for the table, would you rather have a doe/hind, or a non rutting buck/stag? capt david
Always an Early seasons hind of calf for me, I have just butcherd a hind I have hung for 21 days in my cold room.

It’s going to be good eating.


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Where I grew up in East Texas, many of the smaller school districts closed on the first day of squirrel season because so many boys were absent. I love them.
It might jusy be in my head, but I'm not so sure, about our whitetail, and Axis, but sika I think are a little smelly. I love liver, but it's definitely strong in rutting deer. As far as does, in general, especially young ones, may be more tinder, but taste the same. Depending on how they're cooked, I'm not sure anyone could taste the difference in any deer. capt david.
nothing wrong with a young stag with a bit of condition, up to the rut but from there on a doe will be better, a younger animal will always be tender than an old warrior