Shooting for the table?


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I mostly shoot Sika, very very seldomly had a bad or tough animal. Worst is if the animal is not bled. If it is difficult or takes long to get to the animal better chest shoot it as it bleeds out.


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I've killed a few sika hinds, they were fine. A friend killed a rutting sika stag. He doesn't eat liver, and offered it to me, in a sealed baggy. When I got home and opened the baggy, I instantly resealed it and tossed it!
Being of a similar species, Are rutting red stags similar? Having only killed hinds, I've wondered.
capt david


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Are rutting red stags similar?
Yes, in a nutshell. They're certainly not worth shooting for the meat, I've heard. Never having shot a rutting stag myself, I'm only going by what I've been told though. I imagine being flooded with testosterone would do the meat no favours at all


have to agree with most, never really had a bad one, but most impressed by Sika hind, for texture and flavour, found some roe almost too tender, if that's possible!!