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Has any of you clever chaps got a link to the July edition of the Shooting Gazette that you can help me with.
I have been told there is a four page article on driven boar in Croatia with an agent I use regularly.
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If you're going to the CLA the Shooting Gazette will have a stand and could have back issues as freebies

​If you're not going let me know and I'll have a look for you if you've haven't got sorted by then


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It seems that the July edition is available free at the CLA Game fayre but I am not going so that is out.
I have bought the August edition and if push comes to shove I'll have to order from the printer so not only the price of the magazine but the price of postage too, just to read four pages which may or may not interest me after all.
Thanks for the offer WSM (Dave?) but I don't want to put anybody to too much trouble.
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