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Hi all,
can anyone recommend me any shooting insurance equivalents to basc, after 25years of membership I'm unsure to rejoin after an experience earlier this year.

thanks in advance bullet

Monkey Spanker

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I moved from BASC to Cliverton, and then to the BDS. I was a member of the BDS anyway and the insurance extension cost an extra £17 I think.


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Depends whether you need cover as a professional, or an amateur. The likes of the SGA covers recreational sport and I would assume most of the others will as well. If you need cover as a professional, best seek the advice of someone like Lycetts or NFU


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I do like the way the NGO are up front about how much of your membership fee covers your insurance - other organisations always seem to try to both exaggerate and use fear tactics into trying to compel you to purchase their membership.

[h=5]Source -

What proportion of my membership fee goes on my insurance cover?[/h][FONT=&quot]Approximately £3.50 of the membership fee covers the Public Liability premium at present.[/FONT]


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Pretty much any fieldsports organisation that you care to join includes shooting insurance. You just have to decide which organisation best represents your views and activities and go for that. The insurance policies seem to be much of a muchness as regards third party cover but it's worth checking what exactly is covered and whether it is a "policy of last resort" (that is they will only entertain a claim if you are not otherwise insured) if that's important. I get that you want to leave BASC, but their insurance is probably the most comprehensive (and possibly the most expensive). You pays yer money, you makes yer choice.


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I'm just not happy with the support or attitude I received on my one and only phone call in need of help and advice or recommendations in 26 years of membership since I was a young boy. That is the only thing that has turned me against basc! I do a fair bit of shooting in a number of countries so I do need quiet a good insurance although I do hope never to need it.
thanks bullet
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David BASC

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If I can help sort out your issue I will, just ask.

Regarding professional cover, BASC members can get access to a professional policy

Regarding lower cost membership policies just check they don't have a clause that means you have to claim off other policies if you have them and not the membership one.



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Hi David, my membership is £74 with basc, money is not the issue, especially with the amount of shooting I do. I will pm you what happened and you can voice your professional opinion on basc's behalf if you like and see what we come up with!?
Thanks steve