Shooting permission


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Does anyone have any Idea how I can get permission for shooting woodies and rabbit within 50 miles of edinburgh. bearing in mind that I offer my locksmith services to people for just parts and fuel for people who do give me permission :)
cheers people
you need to get to know people, it is very hard to walk into new permissions but get stuck in. It takes time though.
I just go to every farm, and ask, just say names of other farmers who I shoot foxes for, as they will all know each other. and they can only say yes or no...
same as just ask ,yes/no if no can they reccomend anyone they know? mate called at nursery for his misses last week ,came away with perm on there and farm next door, and theres deer on them ,roe saw six last week all does .atb doug.
I was in Uni for 1 year in Edinburgh, had shotgun shooting 10 miles from edinburgh, secured within 2 weeks! Not that difficult Mungo!
lots of shooting round Edinburgh but you have to be prepared to share land with other shooters especially when the stubbles get cut an the pigeon boys come out,can be like the wild west every one wants to do the pigeons not many guys prepared to shoot vermin all year round lots that say they will then disappear till its pigeon time,im lucky got got around 10 farms I can go to and yes im out at them all.good luck ,mungo theres a cracking buck at that bit at straiton shame itl end upon the road.see dead dear there quite often.stuart
Wow. I'm impressed. Vermin, or deer as well?

I often fantasise about those deer that are always in the marshy ground just west of the turn for Straiton!

No, just vermin. He's happy, it's all he's interested in.

Chased up those deer before. Land is rented by farmer but belongs to a lady that lives in engerland. Not allowed to be shot, she's a bit of a tree hugger apparently.

As with the deer by Fa'side castle on the A1 it is nice to see them. Helps alleviate the boredom of the bypass traffic too !