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has anyone seen the shooting times from yesterday? what do we think about the recomendations for use of 6mm ppc, 6mm br, 6.5 grendel 6.5 x 47. on deer?


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Haven't read the article, but would have thought that provided you use a good deer bullet, rather than a varmint or target bullet, the deer probably could n't tell the difference between being hit by a 6mm PPC and say a .243 Winchester.

6mm PPC is a bit slower than the .243 winchester, but not sure if that is a bad thing - rather than explosive bullet performance, you would get better more controlled expansion and carcas damage. Would it have enough case capacity to push 100gn bullets at a reasonable velocity to make big deer legal in Scotland?

6.5 x 47 - 120 gn @ 3,068 fps - any difference between that and a 25-06?

But they are all very accurate cartridges and accuracy is no bad thing when shooting deer - after all shot placement is far more important than the actual size of bulletor its velocity. A .243 in the right place has killed a very large number of stags and is used overseas on much bigger game. But a gut shot Roe with a 375 H&H will still go a very long way. gives all the different ballistics.


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Well, if you pushed all the deer and various vermin I have shot with my Sako 6ppc together you'd spend half a day climbing over them.

Its deer legal as it will make over 1700ft/lbs

Why people are so fixated with the 1700ft/lbs limit is beyond me anyway(apart from the legislature). It was based on the muzzle energy of the smallest available/most used/most known calibre by the men who were drafting the law: the .240 holland which made around 1700ft/lbs with the loads of the time. It was not based on any scientific figure for the energy neccessary to provide a clean kill. In fact there has been (aside from U.S experiments with pigs) very little research into this field. There is unlikely to be any in the future.

All I can say is that in my experience with the round and deer (hundreds of kills) only one has required a second shot and that was down to pilot error. The round is quiet, efficient, easily moderated and econimal. Easy to shoot accurately it is for me the perfect roe and muntjac calibre. I have also taken the larger species with heavier (87gr) bullets again with complete success. Where I would not use it is on upland stalking where windy days are the rule as like all smaller calibres firing comparitively light bullets it is more sensitive than something like a 270 or similar.

WRT the neccessary velocity I'll get round to posting some independently verified chrono printouts.




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6.5 mm battle

how does the 6.5 x 47 lapua stack up against 6.5 swede against a .260 rem. The 6.5 bullets in wieghts of 130 gr + are long, have high sd and good bc. so which round is best.

the swede has moderate velocity, it is a tried and tested platform all componants are on the shelf. but it has a non .30-06 evolved case so the bolt face is different?

.260 rem is a new round, based on the .308 case so is a short actioned rifle that uses almost the standard action and bolt. seems to have good velocities.

6.5 x 47 is also a new round, short actioned. Is this also based on a .308 case? I don't think so because i believe it uses small rifle primers. I can't find any data for it. whats it like?

From what i can gather all 3 look good. the swede appears to be behind the others on speed. but it is a proven performer. maybe one of the others are better because you can rebarrell a .308, 243, 7mm08 to the calibre?

what do we think? or all as good as each other?

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