Shooting tower design


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Only needs a banister added around the step area to finish it off.
My neighbour in Germany fell off his on an icy day & it was me that found him 40 mins later, it nearly killed him as he landed on the frozen ground in a belly flop position and now he has only one lung working.
Easy done in icy conditions, lots of stories from America of people falling from high seats


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Hi , I would be really interested in some plans for your boxes to ?
What do they Look like inside ?
Many thanks


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This was it under construction, not sure what the cost was as the landowner supplied all materials I supplied the labour, now has 240v mains electric and a bottled gas fire, and tea making facilities, in all it took about 3 days to build


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Cheers. I would have put diagonals on the uprights but I guess you have it deep enough to stop it flexing.


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I use salvaged gas struts from estates or hatchbacks on the windows. makes opening and closing often quite heavy, especially if double glazed, windows quiet and secure. No noisy slips with wet and cold hands or wedging bits of batten in. Ease open the desired amount and tie off to a vine eye on the inside of the frame with a length of sash cord or similar secured close to a corner of the sash. No flapping or rattle with most gusts of wind when open.