Wanted: Shooting tripod


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Looking for a tripod for static shooting, something with a saddle clamp!

something like the bog death grip tripod but can’t seem to find anywhere with them in stock?

does anyone know where they have stock or something similar?



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Lots of tripod options about from cheap and cheerful to full custom carbon models

Scott Country do a package but fir a tripod , saddle and ball head package you'll be around the 400 region

Depending type of shooting you'll do you may need a ball head, I do have one as run arca rail now however (cheeky punt as selling a monkey clamp) you can run a saddle without a ball head and I used mine for ages with no issue just personal preference

A common starting point for a tripod is a manfrotto 55 I think is the model to take the weight of your rifle ect

I use a US hog saddle company field model tripod as used it mainly sat down, in hides etc and shorter when collapsed so easy to carry around but if all your use is standing make sure the one you get is the height adjustable to your needs
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Eric the Red

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I have a Slik Pro DX700 spare - which is the 'commercial' version of the Pig tripod mentioned above. Nice wide stance, incredibly stable, easy to deploy and not too heavy. Height good enough not to need centre column up which changes CoG and can cause stability issues. I've spent a lot of money on carbon to get seriously lighter/better than this and I sometimes still wonder why. I also have a Pig Saddle spare. It constitutes an excellent starter package. Drop me a PM - happy to have further conversation about what might suit best for the available budget.


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Amazon USA has the deathgrip for about £130 absolute bargain , I tested it last night and it is rock solid like shooting off a bipod , would highly recommend