Short Documentaries...

White Hart

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This maybe of interest to some of you? I stumbled on a series of short documentaries some of which are hunting / fishing related and the others are quite interesting anyway.

There all extremely well shot the cinematography and production in all of the short documentaries are amazing! Its the quality of them that drew my attention to them I guess.

The films are sponsored by Yeti Coolers but no real hard sell only the occasional product in the background.

My favorite one so far is about fishing in the Seychelles... Could never afford to do it but a great film:

Here's a link to the entire series:


Hopefully some of you will enjoy them as much as I have.



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That looks bloody awesome. Thank for posting. Something like that will help empty my wallet at some point but a couple of other fishing adventures will happen first.


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If you follow the Pace brothers, they do a series of nice short films - usually quite holistic about the hunting experience.