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Hi, apologies for another rifle slip thread...

I've got a Brno mod 2 which is bang on 35" overall, most gun slips seem much longer 41-45" or more. Can anyone recommend something reasonably priced which won't have a load of fabric flapping about the shop.

Google Crosman Ratcatcher Gunslip and you'll see what I use for my BSA Ultra PCP and its fitted moderator. Bonus is that it doesn't look like a gunslip. But it possibly might have the logo "THE RATBAG" on it. Price is around the eighteen to fifteen quid area. I've seen them listed for Ronnie Sunshines, a place in Kent, Sheffield, eBay.
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bsa carbine gun bag,comes in either 38" or 43" lengths loads pockets on the side for bits and pieces,around the £45 mark,really good bag

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cut the thing to size and get a needle and thread and sew the end back on,
Thats what I do, that way you get a decent quality bag the correct length.
I looked at, and bought a few so called carbine bags, never lasted long and never fitted exactly.

Neil. :)