Shortage of Federal Ammo


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Having a bit of “fun” trying to find Federal center fire ammo at the moment, plenty of 55gr V Shock but 100gr Power Shock are rare. One shop has said it has been on back order since October last year.

Did manage to pick up 60 at Andersons today but they don’t think they have many more and are not expecting any soon. Plenty of Norma about though.



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yes it's true

Yes thats right about federal and also primers are in short supply in america. Now would be a great time to buy shares in federal



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my local gunshop said this last year but never thought any thing of it but he did persuade me to buy enough primers so i did as federal primers are the only ones i use


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Yep, my local gunsmith has blamed the American military also. They have shed loads of Prvi Partisans though! Has anyone an opinion on these. At £8 per 20 I'm not expecting miracles!!!


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Whilst nowhere near as consistent as federal, etc....privi isn't so bad. We've been using them for some time whilst zeroing and practicing target shooting (running boar, etc).

More than capable of a couple of inches at 100yds.

The issue with Federal stems from the fact that not only do they make their own components 'in house', make a large proportion of remington, winchester, etc but are also tied to a contract with the US armed forces to satisfy their requirements. Obviously their requirements has increased substantially these last years and have now depleted the reserves held in storage..hence the bite setting in now.

Don't expect the situation to improve any time soon.


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One of the guys I shoot with is a very experienced shooter and stalker, he uses privi for targets and occasionally for stalking but as he is a home loader more often uses his own stuff.
I was told it's more than capable of doing the job... but another member on here has told me that privi can occasionally throw a flyer and had one actually do that on one occasion recently.. so maybe worth bearing it in mind..
I think it's really personal choice I was consistently grouping at 200 metres with steel cased ex russian military fmj when zeroing my scope last weekend so as with everything pays your money..

mole trapper

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You want to try ordering Lapua mega 155grn ready rolled from Sportsman then, i ordered them in early November, i keep ringing and they keep telling me they are in transit as we speak, well they need to get a new transit or put fuel in the one they have. The best one was when they said i quote "it,s all being shipped out to Iraq and Afghanistan to shoot the rag heads" i **** you not, what a proffessional approach.
Still waiting. MT. :rolleyes:

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Just been into my local gunsmiths in ringwood this afternoon.. 1 box of 100grn power shock and 2 boxes of 80 grn all the federal they had left... waiting on an order... :(


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"it,s all being shipped out to Iraq and Afghanistan to shoot the rag heads"

Ah it's so good to see that PC speak has now even filtered down to the West Country at last


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Still testing different manufacturers and types of bullets in my rifle, but I think i`ve just been cured of this nonsense.
Tuesday, popped into my local gun shop (big name/big business) asked what bullets are in stock in 243, and I was shown two box`s of Federals and one box of Sako, bit limited but, "there is a war on"!?.
Soooh, my barrel dislikes Sako, I`ll have the two boxes of Federal,------£58.30!!!
Managed to hold back the sobbing till I was outside, just! :cry: :cry: