Shortage of S & B Scopes

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Folks, does anyone know if there is a shortage of availability of Schmidt and Bender scopes, I ordered an 8 x 56 [Hungarian] illuminated reticule, and have since been advised that they appear to be in short supply due to large orders from the US Military.
I have been told it may take 6 weeks to be delivered, is anyone else hearing the same information???

I am stuck offshore for the next few weeks so am not in a panic, but thought 6 weeks a bit excessive.


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I had to wait a lot longer for my Zenith last year because of the same reason. But quality scope so better late than never as I wasn't in a big rush I could live with the wait.



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I have heard the same but if you try here at MacLeod's it may be quicker. I remember Gregor (Macleod) telling me a couple of years back that when you wanted to carry S&B stock, as a retailer, you had to pay for it up front. This was because they were so popular the shrewd bugger running it knew he could shift as many as he wanted with ease, so everyone had to pay, or take their chances when ordering on the delivery time. Gregor I know carries a huge stock of S&B, so it may be that the waiting time will be greatly reduced.

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