Shorter barrel in 6.5 x 55?


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I've found a second hand blaser barrel in 6.5 x 55, however it is the shorter version 52cm/ 20.5 inches as opposed to the standard 57cm.

my question is how does this affect performance in terms of recoil/ velocity e.t.c? Will it be fine and nothing to worry about or should I stick with a standard length one?



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My 6.5x55 has a 22" (about 56 cm) barrel, and when using a moderator I wouldn't mind it being a little shorter.

Theoretically a shorter barrel will have lower muzzle velocity than a longer one, but I don't think you (nor the deer) will notice the five cm difference.

Lower velocity would in theory give lower recoil force, but as per above, I don't think you will notice it. I don't think the shorter barrel will make the gun jump more around. I have a Remington 700 LRT in .308 with at 20" barrel that I use without a mod and it's a fine little gun to shoot.

Personally I wouldn't hesitate to buy the gun with the 52 cm barrel. And, if using a moderator I'd see the shorter barrel as a benefit.

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My Sako 75 and already been cut from the standard 22 7/8" to 20 3/4" before I bought it, and with a Hardy Gen IV mod on the end, is pushing reloaded Hornady 140gr SSTs out at 2,660fps MV (46.7 grains N160)

The cut removed 2 1/8" and the Hardy adds on 3 1/8", so technically, I'm adding 1" to the original barrel length (are you still with me..??)

I can group 5 rounds at 1/4", and nothing has run further than it's own shadow so far (caveat: Roe only so far), so I'm more than happy with it!

All this is purely my own rifle though, so a Blaser might fare differently, I don't know... Personally, I'd ask to see it shoot first - and if poss, shot it yourself - before spending any hard earned



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I have a Mauser in the same cal with the shortest barrel they do which I assume is exactly the same as the Blaser. It's great, you will have no issues.


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Thanks guys,

i just wanted to check before rushing in. It is a 52cm barrel as standard from the factory. I guess they wouldn't make a short version if there were problems in performance. I'm sure it will be fine.


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Boarboy, just a bit more info for you. My Sako barrel is 23" and my CF2 Stutzen 19" (both in 6.5x55). The muzzle velocity is around 90FPS lower from the shorter barrel, but still well above the minimum velocity for deer using 120 grain Sierras and N160