Shot Placement

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I don't know if anybody else has seen this DVD on Ebay, I thought for a quid you can't go wrong and ordered one.

90 mins of shot placement and shot reaction.
Very informative to anybody new to stalking, to see what reactions the deer have and what to look out for after the shot, if that makes sense.

Title of DVD
Shot Placement.
Has a guy on it known as 'Mr Whitetail'



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Jonathon, I have the exact same one - you're right it's great DVD, and you get to see a hundred different rifles in action and a hundred different reactions. Really prepares you for what to expect.

I especially like the bit where, under the guise of comparing different reactions in different animals, he and his mates bascially go all over the world shooting just about everything that walks! All legal I must point out!

What did you think of the musk ox! It was like shooting a hairy ford transit. It was massive.


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well worth the quid, but it is all about american deer and deer huntinting including bows
like i said well worth buying
if you can also get the shot placement dvd by kevin robertson on african game that is also worth having
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