shotgun cabinet faom inserts for rifle and scope


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I have a shot brattonsound cabinet that I have been using for my shotguns.
Now that I have my first rifle I am experiencing the issue that my cabinet is not ideal to store a rifle and a scope.

I appreciate that they sell cabinets for rifles though I would rather avoid having to shell out and buy a new cabinet right now.

The rifle and scope fit in the cabinet fine but the foam holder in the cabinet is obviously designed for shotguns and not rifles.

So I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and what steps has anyone made to overcome this?

I have seen some foam inserts specifically for rifles and scopes such as these, that I was thinking of fixing to the cabinet to hold the rifle I own.

Any thoughts?


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i have egg foam lined in one of my cabinets that i use for shotguns and semi auto etc,,in my 8 gun box i just have my .243 and .17hmr in so they are well spaced out ...maybe use old carpet off cuts and fit to the inside of the box,,,


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How many shotguns does your cabinet have capacity for? I have a 7 gun shotgun brattonsound. I store the rifles sideways so it gives me enough capacity for 4 scoped rifles.


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I haven't the room for a deep cabinet, so I too use a 6 gun cabinet that holds my shotguns and the rifles which have to stand diagonally. It takes up more space, you have to ensure that they aren't going to foul the door when you close it and they all have to be pretty friendly, but it works okay.

Now if you have a torch or lamp on top of your scope, I don't know what you'd use. A gun room? Or do people take off the light before putting it away?


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Mine came with a straight piece of wood the same width as the cabinet. I drilled 9 holes and inserted dowels. The scoped rifles now fit scope side down perfectly and I could get a genuine 10 of the beggars in.

Now to get some carpet to sort the incessant clanging and banging.....then add an interior light....


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Had the same problem as you.
you can order the rifle foam inserts for your cabinet from Bratton sound if you phone them, I did this and it's worked great.

Haggis Hunter

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I drew a template of what I wanted. Took it to the local foam man (upholstery cushion place) and got him to cut me a bespoke foam insert that was a lot deeper than the 'shotgun' one supplied.

As an aside - and potentially helping previous poster - I've recently started using the wee LED magnetic lights on the inside of both cabinets - stuck to the top (underside of internal ammo cabinet) - have had far fewer cabinet 'incidents' now I can actually see where stuff is going.

I think the foam and LED's cost about a fiver each.