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Hi all, could someone help, the unthinkable happened tonight and I accidentally reversed my truck over my Watson brothers side lock shotgun, to say I'm distraught is an understatement, the barrels are bent and the stock is cracked in four places. Firstly does anyone know if I could claim on my car insurance? And secondly could someone give me any recommendations for someone who could repair the gun, new barrels and stock? Finally I know it was a stupid thing to do but please don't berate me, I feel sick as it is.


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I am with Direct line for house insurance, I have specifically checked with the company and my insurance covers my Guns (and other items) with an away from home cover agains accident and theft so it is definitely worth checking. In my case, single items up to a maximum value of £4k and with multiple items total up to a value of £10k.

Car insurance generally only pays out a relatively small amount for the contents of your car and that is usually for theft.
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Unless a new gun it's a write off and I doubt they'll pay.

I could.give you the cost of new chopper lump barrels, and to re-stock a sidelock, but it'll depress you further. In short you'll get no change from £10,000.

I'd pessimistically suggest more like £12,500 for new barrels and re-stock on a gun that's probably a like for like worth of £2,500-£3,500.

For harsh reality is the costs of the work are the same regardless of who originally made it. The least costly option is to sleeve the barrels and re-stock.

Also as Watson Brothers is still an "owned" name any re-barrel may customarily not be able to be done with the rib named as Watson Brothers.

Do you have a recent "like for like" valuation of your gun?
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Thanks all, I was going to get the gun re stocked at some point as it was badly stocked a few years ago, the barrels had previously been sleeved and the cost of both when I inquired a few months ago was indeed £12500! The problem with insurance is the guns value was probably only around £2000 due to the re sleeve so the repair would be deemed UN-viable, of course the value to me as it was my grandfathers gun is priceless, I just thought I'd ask if anyone had any success with claiming for such damage.

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Have a chat with either Diggory haddoke at Vintage Guns, or Phil Smith at Bozzards. Barrels can be straightened and Phil Smith is a barrel expert. At very least you have the action and either a new pair of barrels made, or they can be sleeved with new tubes. The latter method is nowadays much cheaper than new barrels, and to save for the proof mark, pretty much indistinguishable from the a new pair of barrels.

As regards the stock - well a new one can be made, or given modern epoxies, a bit of time and some aluminium pins let in they can be repaired - althrough it will show the scares, but they become a talking point. I have an old William Jeffery 410 that is pinned through the hand with two pieces of wood let into the side and recheckered. Yes you can see, do I care no.

Check with your household insurance - they generally cover sporting goods, mine certainly does.

Cost of sleeving is £1000 to £3000 depending on who does it etc.
Don't see it at any where near £12500
Can you please advise what sort of cost, all in, that you have in mind? And where, and by who, a new set of barrels and a re-stock of a sidelock be done for the sort of money? I don't think I am the only one reading this thread that would be happy to know...particularly the original poster...what say others?

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Q :Unless a new gun it's a write off and I doubt they'll pay
My insurance paid for a fore end and gun was 50yrs old ? if it can be repaired and you have good insurance then why not ?.
I also had my shotgun dropped more knocked over in the gun room at west London some years back by some tosser who never owned up ? this was 3 yrs old and was a DT10 as the barrels were damaged they paid for new replacement and the RFD fees to send it back to spaghetti land to be refinished.
Have a look at your insurance if you only have house hold then , :scared:
my sporting gear is insured on its own for all any events .


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If you want to keep it as an heirloom and the money is no object, then crack on. But if I were to spend a great deal more than it's worth bringing it back to a useable condition, I would see it more as a money pit than an heirloom, which might spoil it for you if you think the same. If I were you, I'd look to buy another nice side-lock, which hopefully will become an heirloom. They have to start sometime.

Depending on what the insurance say, of course.