Shotshell Reloading

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I am currently buying 1000 28g fiber wads in 7.5 in 12 bore for £165.

Mainly to be used in sporting clay shooting. Usage is about 1000 every 6 weeks.

Is anyone a current regular shotshell loader and can you indicate if it is financially worth me starting to reload 12b. I have no equipment but could get some as a significant discount.

The prices in the last 3 years for these cartridges has jumped from £120 to over £160 and that is with buying 3000 at a time.

Thanks in advance.


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You may find that at some clay shoots re-loads are not permitted especially ones under CPSA rules and regulations. [Safety and welfare.]

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Thanks for your comments so far! I am not competing at the moment so if I can save some cash by loading then it is a worth while exercise of on your advice its not, then I will keep handing over my hard earned cash!
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