Should I sell my rifle?

The Lucky Hunter


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Dear Miriam,
should I sell my rifle?

I got up early last Saturday to go stalking. The weather was wet, and the wind was starting to pick up. I got all my gear together in the car and was about to reverse out of the garage. The weather forecast came on the radio, and the girl said it was going to get far worse, with winds reaching gale force and risk of flooding. I gently eased the car back into the garage, and decided to go back to bed.

I quietly slipped back into th house, climbed the stairs and cuddled up to the back of my still sleeping wife. The warmth and softness of her stirred a new kind of anticipation in me. I wispered "You feel nice" and she replied "yes, and can you believe that **** of a husband would rather go stalking than stay here with me". At that I wondered if I should sell my rifle, what do you think?

Mark of Uxbridge
The Lucky Hunter